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We provide high quality products according to SAE standard and professional technical service as well


We provide high-quality products and professional technical services

Guangdong Wolkon Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent automation equipment company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. It adheres to the business purpose of "technology + professionalism + service" and focuses on the production of non-standard automation intelligent...

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The Doctor's Cap Machine: Revolutionizing Medical Headwear Production

The Doctor's Cap Machine: Revolutionizing Medical Headwear ProductionIn the complex and demanding field of healthcare, every detail matters, including the h···


Fully automatic ultrasonic doctor cap production line: creating a new benchmark for efficient, hygienic and intelligent manufacturing

In the medical industry, as an important equipment to ensure the health and safety of medical staff, the quality and production efficiency of doctor caps have a···


Why use disposable medical slip pads?

Disposable medical slip pads are suitable for various departments of the hospital, including operating rooms. Inpatients can be used during the entire hospitali···

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